Thursday, May 24, 2012

And The New American Idol Is…

Well, after four months and a record-setting 132 million votes, it's official: Phillip Phillips is the 11th American Idol. It's hardly the most surprising finale result in "Idol" history--since many pundits (myself included) had him pegged as the winner the moment he entered the audition room--but it's not one without controversy.
phillip cries during his victory song
After four male champions in a row, many "Idol" fans were no doubt hoping that runner-up Jessica Sanchez, arguably the technically best vocalist of Season 11, would be the girl to break the female curse on "Idol." And I suspect that "Idol's" powers-that-be were rooting for Jessica as well. Surely it would have been a fantastic PR development for the "Idol" franchise (which over the years has, wrongly or not, been accused of being a closed door to contestants of color or of the fairer sex, or basically any contestant that doesn't sing rock or country music) to blast out a press release declaring, "FIRST GIRL WINS IN FIVE YEARS!"--rather than have to send out yet another anticlimactic announcement that yet another cute young boy has prevailed.

And it's true that--considering how some of "Idol's" biggest success stories (Kelly, Carrie, Fantasia, Jordin) have been the female winners, and that in the real world, female pop singers dominate the charts--it might've been better for "the franchise" if Jessica had won. But "Idol" fans don't careabout "the franchise"; they simply vote for whom they like, and they vote with their hearts as well as with their ears. And understandably, their hearts told them to vote for one of the most likable people to ever appear on "Idol," good ol' P-Squared...especially after he closed Tuesday's performance show with "Home," possibly the best coronation song in "Idol" history. Outraged conspiracy theorists will surely cry racism or sexism, or some other "ism," when lamenting Jessica's defeat, but maybe the reason why Phillip won was just more simple, and more innocent, than all that.
Jessica congratulates Phillip [photo: Fox]Maybe viewers just liked Phillip's music more. I don'tthink Phillip coasted to the winner's circle on boyish charm alone; the guy is undeniably talented, and I believe he has it in him to make a great record. I just hope it is a great-selling record too, since, let's face it, the show's credibility IS on the line. Season 10 champion Scotty McCreery's platinum success helped restore the "Idol" franchise after a couple of years of slumping sales, and now it is up to Phillip to maintain that momentum. It's a precarious place for him to be in, since rock music is hardly the top-selling genre right now--and it's very easy to imagine Jessica (who, like every other runner-up since Season 1, will surely get her own record deal) outperforming him on the charts. But stubborn Phillip, the kind of uncompromising maverick who responds to Tommy Hilfiger's style advice to not wear gray by putting on two gray shirts, is hardly going to let anyone, not even Jimmy Iovine, steamroll him into making some prefab pop album. And that's not what his fans want from him, anyway. Some of Phillip's fans might even argue that he would have been better off placing second, which presumably would have allowed him a little more creative freedom in the studio. (Coming in second would have also probably allowed him more time off to deal with his serious medical issues.)
However, I think there is a place for both Phillip and Jessica on the charts, as long as they both record strong material that plays to their very different strengths and very different fanbases. If Phillip makes music in the future like the wonderfully Mumford-y "Home," he could do very well (Mumford & Sons have sold 2.5 million albums in the U.S. alone, and plenty more overseas), while Jessica has a really great shot too, as long as she doesn't record dreary material like the boring original song she was sadly stuck with this week, "Change Nothing." (Give this girl some snazzier material, Jimmy!)
If Iovine does right by these two, then we may end up with two "winners," so to speak, of Season 11. And that would be the best thing for "the franchise" of all. Parker out.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

jUz MiSs U aLL -2

hehe...xde pape pon senonye...juz rndu tyme f3...bkn pe...f3 kte mrubah sgalanya..slalonye sblom2 ny klas2 depan senyap je study..tyme kte x..bising je...smpai dak2 len pelik...haha...ske kowg...funny, sporting and happening...lg2 geng2 marhaban...haha

rndu gak nk mgemas klas ngan kowg...haha...owg kemas klas ok je..kte ley plak gelak..sbbnye, ak jd bhan gelak...ops! xnk gtau nape ak jd bahan....ermm...ttbe tringat ak bsilat kat depan klas...haha...xley blah...xnk engat da dat embarrassing no no...

pas exam pon bez gak...conteng2 dinding...haha...smpai skrg x ilang kesan kot..i guess stowy pnjg2..kang sedey, ble ley jmpe sume blik?? xnk jmpe blas2 je...nk 38 owg...huhu...even its impossible but i want it happen..huhu...

Sunday, May 20, 2012

four flat

wah sem 4 baru-baru ni..ak dapat 4 flat...alhamdulillah...tak sia2 usaha ak..tapi ni semua baru permulaan..mgkin juga ni salah satu ujian Dia..
tapi tulah..harap result 'hebat' ni boleh la bantu ak keluar dari apids ni..harap result 'hebat' ni boleh bkak mata fakulti sains terima aku...mane taknye..ak dgn budak pasum (asasi pure sains) takde beza pun..umur je beza..subjek kitorg amek sume same dgn dorg...cuma kitorg je ade extra, kitorg ni kira sama level la dgn dorg..kalau takpun..lebih hebat dari dorg..(*tapi kalau result mane2 dak apids tak semegah mane, tak payah nk complen sgt la..tak pyah nk compare sgtla dgn dorg)..dah tu, knp nk sikitkan peluang kitorg ni utk degree..imagine bdak apids fizikal ade 2 pilihan je, sarjana muda pgjian islam dengan fizik anddd sarjana muda pengajian islam dengan multimedia...sedangkan, dak pasum fizikal...peluang terbuka, science, math, komputer etc..setiap tu bnyk plak cbangnye..bnykk kot pilihan..ape ni?? imagine result same hebat dgn dak pasum..tapi peluang disekat..gara2 bwak name apids!!
itulah..ak harap dengan result 'hebat' ni...fakulti lain tolong la bukak peluang kepada budak2 apids ni...please please please...bkak peluang kt ak pun jadi lah..ops selfish..haha
knp nk keluar apids sgt?? mmg la btol ak nk kuar apids..tapi bkn sbb ak bnci apids..tapi tulah...subjek agama dye menakutkan..imagine guys..subjek like hadis, tafsir, sirah, fiqh, syariah sume tu..sume dlm jawi ak boley tahan lagi..bknnye ape..nk dapat A utk subjek2 tu, ak tpakse hafal..bknnye faham..taknak lah aku..kenapa plak kena hafal?? yela..nk pham cmne..dah ak ni tak fasih sgt tu xtually mudah je..senang je konsep dye sume tu..tapi tulah..nk jwab tyme exam t..mzty kena dlm sbb dah blajar dalam kan..huhu..itu y ak taknak tu...letih tau letih..ak taknak la degree ak ni setakat lulus je..ak nk lulus dan cemerlang..dean list lagi..baru gempak..baru ade life..serious derita kott kalau degree agama ni bagi org tak pndai arab cm ak..yela, utk exam kite nk kena hafal satu buku setebal dictionary tu...kalau study last minute..mmg hampeh la kannnn...bubye la jwabnye...

btw...thanks sume y mnyebabkan ak dpat empat rata ni..thanks bnyk2..huhu

Saturday, January 21, 2012

menghitung hari 2 week..mid sem utk sem 2 ni...hopefully, dpt buat y tbaek...klu bley nk pulun stret A...huhu

skrg ni xtually, pjlanan masih jauh...bru je bmula, foundation...bnyk lagi halangan dan dugaan perlu ak redahi dan lalui...harapnye, DIA selalu bersama ak, dan membantu ak..(*wah, ayat..islamik kott)..klu nk mghitung hari..hmm, xckup tgan

mmg xdpt dinafikan, skrg mgkin ak berada diatas (*bkn nk bgga) anytime klu tanpa dorongan korg, usaha, dan pertolongan-NYA, bile2 mse je ak boley duuuuum kt bwah...euwww, tkutnya..

so, arap2nye, korg sntiase mndoakn ak...~~

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sem 3 pnye result

fizik asas 1 A
fizik asas 2 A
kimia asas 1 A
kimia asas 2 A
vektor A
sc comp B+
syariah A A

GPA 3.91
CGPA 3.89

catatan- Dalam Senarai DEKAN *yes!!
keputusan-Lulus Cemerlang

>>xtually, agak kcewa dgn sc comp tu..gile2 pnye target iAllah dpt A kn..last2 hmm..xpela xde rezki..but then agak tkejut ngan kimia asas 2 (organic chemistry)..xpnah tpkir boley dpt A kn...huhu
>>ape2pon..thanks kpd y mndoakn...sye sgt sgt sgt sgt sgt sgt mghargainye...nk tuntut mnx blanje, boley je...hihi