Monday, June 20, 2011


i've promise my-self

1) to do da best this sem, try to get my best pointer...really hope 4 da 4flat..but all return to Allah..he know the best 4 me...*cehhh

2) wanna make sure, that anything cant distract/disturb me to focus on my study, anything...! either my exco or apids or anything...*im focusing on apids xtually, dont try to make me busy by planning ur ridiculous program freaking tired of it..

3) to make my parents alwayz glad wid me

4) wanna make sure, wat-ever im doing, i never lost my connection wid Allah, n wanna to make sure, that this ramadan, is the best ramadan 4 me since b4 this, i juz fasting, tadarus n teraweh...thats all..

5) last but not least, i promise to keep my promises...(*cross my, xdela..men2 jew)..n i hope u guys will support me, bcoz i'll do wat-ever it takes to make it happen yaw~

*sejak dpt band (x-1) ny..gian nk ckp eng...bak kte cid..tulis jew, asal org ak pon tlis la..even vocab ak xsgempak org2 band x cm ghai, cid n ayon..haha


  1. mmg betul pun cakap siddiq tu. kau tulis je. janji orang paham. btw, gud luck!

  2. thanx ghai~ jgn lemahkn smgt ak...huhu

  3. haha,..kan betul cakap aku,band tu hanya pada kertas,.hakikatnya cara kita guna,kat usim ni best speaker english debate pon takat band 3 je,.t pon bukan halangan nak berenglish2 ni

  4. chaiyok..hope ur wishes may come true..

  5. thanx haniz~
    cid-btol k?? mzty dye tension...haha